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TIEMPO 20th Anniversary Party with Circo Alboroto

Date: Saturday, May 13th, 2017.
Open / Starts: 19:00

Venue: Dining Event Space "TIEMPO HALL" (Access)

Advanced Ticket: 2,000 yen. (T.I. Members 1,500 yen)
Door: 2,500 yen.

* The purchase of a drink ticket (500yen) is necessary.



• Artists

Circo Alboroto

They are a company based in Argentina that merges circus, magic and theatre.
Their pr procudtions have been influenced by their love for the itinerant/nomadic art traditions, and consequently many of their shows have been conceived to be presented in non-conventional spaces and outdoors.
However, their evolving performing style has led them to seek new staging environments to allow for a more complex performing style in established theatres.
Their productions, which are characterized by visual and dynamic language, vertiginous rhythm and simple and delirious scenography have been presented across their country and Latin America, in Colobia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Spain.





写真 写真 写真 ジョルジーナ・グイダッチ
Pablo Sosa
Amanda Sánchez
写真 写真 写真 ジョルジーナ・グイダッチ
Proyeccion Flamenca
Silvana Reyes
Conrado Gmeiner
-Flamenco Guitar-
写真 写真  
-Arabian Dance-
Carlos Terraza & Sofia Pellicciaro

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