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Prospectus of NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano
(Certified Non- Profit Organization)

Today, with the advancement of digitalization, people easily become isolated from each other. This isolation deprives them of opportunities for heart-felt communication.
Japan too has recently experienced diplomatic and economic problems with other countries due to a lack of mutual understanding. Good relations, however, can be fostered by mutual respect for culture and ideas. At the same time, government, corporations as well as individual people must convey clearly their ideas.

One way to cope with communicating clearly is through expressions of Iberoamerican culture. In Iberoamerica, the integration of heterogeneous cultures has progressed for over a thousand years or more. Iberoamerica, as well, has a long history of close relations with Kyushu, Japan. Kyushu has been the home to different cultures and peoples from Iberoamerica with the introduction, for example, of Christianity by Francis Xavier in the 16th century as well as with trade with Portugal and other foreign countries in times of national isolation. After the Meiji Era, many immigrants to Latin American countries were largely from Kyushu. Kyushu seems to be the area in Japan that has the strongest historical ties with Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries (Iberoamerica).

Given this background and the push to decentralize in Japan, Tiempo Iberoamericano chose to establish its base in Kyushu versus Tokyo or Osaka. In addition, often unique ideas which promote new cultural activities are found in smaller local areas instead of large metropolises. Thus, Tiempo would like to promote international and cultural exchange through language learning, enjoyment of music and dance classes, exhibitions, and exchange programs with Iberoamerica. For the diversification of people’s knowledge about Iberoamerica, Tiempo also provides a variety of information. Tiempo stimulates joyful and lively human communication. Through this communication, people respect others’ ideas and cultures, deepening their mutual understanding. This mutual understanding becomes a channel for true international exchanges whether at the individual, corporate or national level.

As Tiempo Iberoamericano wanted to expand such activities to more people, it applied for official certification as a non-profit organization. Tiempo hopes that our activities will keep producing internationally-minded people who will lead to a greater exchange of ideas and cultures.