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Our activities

We carry out following activities mainly.

    Iberoamerican courses with native teachers and instructors

    Language School

  • • Spanish / Portuguese / French / Italian
    • DELE Exam Preparation Course
    • Intensive Course
    • Seminars on latin culture
    • Round- table talk
    • Extracurricular activities
  • Dance school

  • • Salsa - latin dance / Flamenco / Tango / Arabian Dance / Kids classes
    • Workshops
    • Extracurricular activities
  • Fine arts

  • • Painting / Paper objects / Sculpture / Plaster, etc.
    • Workshops
    • Extracurricular activities
  • Guitar

  • • Guitar (Classical guitar - Bossa Nova, Tango, Folkloric, Latin Pop Music)
    • Flamenco Guitar
  • Concerts and weekend parties:
    We hold concerts, parties and social activities at the "Tiempo Hall".
    Latin party "Pachanga" / Latin night "Salson" /Tango "Milonga" / Flamenco "De Juerga", "Noche flamenca", etc.
  • Boderless Music Festival "Isla de Salsa": Website
    It has become the largest Latin festival in Japan. Top international level bands from the Caribbean region are invited to "Isla de Salsa".
  • ¡Vívela ! Salsa Tour: Sitio Web
    Gira musical que organiza Tiempo Iberoamericano y al que se invita, una vez al año, a una banda caribeña mundialmente conocida en el panorama de la música latina, para actuar por todo Japón, Corea y Australia y terminar en el festival de "Isla de Salsa".
  • Festival Latino "¡Anímate!": Sitio Web
    Multimedia festival representing the Iberoamerican (Latin America, Spain and Portugal) region.
  • "3.2.1 Action!":
    Held every two years, our students take part in this event and show all that they have been learning.
  • ¡Muévete!:
  • ¡Taka Taka Tá Pa'tí!:
  • International understanding class, etc.
  • Cafe Restaurante SANCHO PANZA

    Sancho Panza is where everyday contact takes place and where our culinary exhange shows its results. We invite chefs from Latin countries for one-year programs.